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Team Series: Meet our new Community Administrator, Maggie Miland

We’re an eclectic bunch and that’s the way we like it. Our Team Series invites you to learn more about the unique skills and backgrounds that each team member brings to Realize and our personalized, value-add approach.



BA, Community Administrator


Community Relations, Strategic Organization, Creative Outreach

Maggie Miland is a true self-starter. In the newly created Community Administrator role, Maggie provides crucial support in keeping the rest of the Realize team organized and focused – a challenge in and of itself with the steady increase in business Realize has been experiencing. Yet our Maggie has jumped seamlessly into this newly created position, already making strides to clearly define her role and navigating where she can else she can help – traits she exhibits outside of the office as well, where her curiosity has translated to discovering how she can best support Vancouver communities.

Originally from Minnesota, Maggie moved to Vancouver to complete her Bachelor’s Degree in International Relations at the University of British Columbia as a part of an exchange program. While obtaining her degree, Maggie was driven to learn more about Vancouver’s diverse populations to find where she belonged in her new city, and also discover where she could provide help.

“Being an exchange student and not having a community, I had to create my own,” Maggie says about moving to Vancouver. “I like being an observer in a community and absorbing some of the culturally unique aspects of the environment I’m living in, and also seeing where I fit in, in terms of help.”

It was during this time that Vancouver became home to Maggie, as she immersed herself in the social fabric of the city and grew within it as a community member. In her first two weeks studying at UBC, Maggie volunteered with the university’s TREK program, where she worked with ESL students and residents of the Downtown Eastside, providing her with the opportunity to experience Vancouver in greater scope.

“As a student, you always have an idea to do something huge, to do something on a global scale – especially with my degree,” she says. “But it really feels like you’re making a difference when [you’re working] at a local level.”

After completing her degree, she felt that there was more she could in the city to bring about positive change and support the values that resonated with her – and luckily for Realize, that passion led Maggie to the Community Administrator role at our impact-driven business.

Maggie brings a vibrancy to her work that is informed by her experience and ambition, and she expressed her excitement to engage in new learning opportunities through her work with Realize.

“To be a part of a sustainable, well-rounded organization that’s been around for a long time, that’s concerned about community and the environment,” she says, “I don’t think that’s something a lot of people get to have in the start of their career, so to have this as a foundation is really exciting.”

Creatively minded, Maggie finds great pleasure in baking her own artisan bread and destresses through the art of home cooking. She professes that she has a knack for taking whatever is left in the kitchen and turning it into something special. Transforming everyday things into something wonderful – a talent that the Realize team has quickly come to see as a Maggie specialty in the office as well.