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Everything Changes: How Realize’s Extended Offerings Empower Organizations to Flourish through Change

Sometimes we just need a little helping hand…

Organizations are microcosms, biological habitats; given the right elements they naturally flourish. And making sure those elements are present, is what we at Realize, specialize in. With decades of combined experience in helping organizations – both big and small – we’ve discovered exactly when and how much help is needed to get an organization to truly flourish during times of major change and transformation.

Beyond the typical Executive Search, our tailored approaches are able to assistant, and as needed, gently intervene at every step along the way. And where might an organization be with respect to these particular “steps”? Well let’s just say change is on the horizon, that’s assured: you know it, the team knows it, everybody knows it… But what precisely needs to be changed? And when? And how?

There are a multitude of reasons for why change must take place. On a simple level, organizations naturally change as they mature through their life cycle. The type of CEO or key team members needed during a start-up, for example, are often quite different than the set of qualities needed at later stages when development and sales might instead need to be pushed. Realize is an expert at reviewing and auditing current management and executive teams in preparation for securing new leadership. This guided process of a thorough review and audit, is especially critical in helping to determine the “right” kind of leader for an organization. And when new leadership is brought in (especially when that change has been delayed for various reasons), we fully support the organization in the process ahead.

But such in depth “mentoring”, is not limited to leadership change, Realize is most skilled at helping polish and expand-upon smart, hardworking and very capable internal candidates – those who simply need some particular aspect of leadership mentoring in order to fulfill their new role; Boards typically engage Realize in this manner during the newly hired Executive Director or CEO probationary periods. Sometimes the mentoring is necessary too because the new leader might be changing industries or sectors, and specific patterns might be missing that are required for the organizations success.

You can in essence envision Realize as a kind of smoothing and strengthening agent. A typical issue we encounter – and are adept at handling – is the current generational shift in the workplace, which is taking place.   As ‘boomers’ enter retirement, organizations are frequently encountering gaps in experience with these departures. Our expert team is highly skilled in helping existing talent acquire the new skills and perspective needed so that they are most effective, and that generation gaps are minimized.

Realize also offers assistance in large-scale changes, such as the letting go of whole departments or groups of staff. Having a day off for the exiting staff to focus on polishing up their resumes and practicing job interviewing techniques with our skilled professionals, will allow such difficult transitions to be significantly eased – it will allow otherwise good staff that simply can not be kept on board to part on the best terms possible. This offering is most helpful to not only the employees but also the employer who must perform these terminations – injecting as much goodwill as is possible into a difficult situation for all.

Boards will also find direct support from us. For example, Realize is will suited to creating an effective template for the Executive Director or CEO to report through and to be reviewed upon. As well Realize can formulate new governance policies, perform strategic planning and organizational reviews, as required. Not only will management, staff and new leadership feel supported by Realize’s Extended Offerings but the Board will feel much ease in engaging us as well.

All that is required sometimes is a little helping hand: A tweak here, a slight adjustment there… often the most minute actions can allow a natural flourishing to take place, and thus permit the harnessing of all innate talent present.