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How We Engage Clients: Our Collaborative Approach to Strategic Consulting

With a growing laundry list of consulting services available to organizations looking to better their business, understanding which services will best meet your needs can be overwhelming.

Here at Realize, our personalized, collaborative approach to consulting ensures that our clients get actionable solutions tailored to their unique needs, with a clear understanding of the strategic services we will use to get them there.

We believe that valuable consulting is based on an exchange between the consulting team and the organization. It’s not just about a specific expertise and services, but about working directly with our clients to produce the best possible outcome for both parties.

As our own Consultant Rita Farkas says, “There’s no one-size-fits-all approach.”


It all starts with a conversation. Our nimble team provides a very personalized experience through listening and understanding the full scope of the issues facing our clients.

“We’ll sit down with a client and map out the scope of the project, and have a targeted conversation about their needs and expectations,” says Rita. By listening and clearly outlining deliverables and timelines, we are able to provide the highly personalized strategic expertise needed to strengthen your organization, from start to finish.

With staff backgrounds that include experience in finance, project management, psychology, environmental policy, and government work, our team approaches consulting with a genuine understanding of impact-driven organizations, allowing us to find solutions to constraints without betraying the social mission of our clients.

“We can easily adjust to our clients’ needs, and exercise confidentiality and sensitivity on all our projects,” says our own Bertine Stelzer. Through this active approach, our team can effectively decide which strategic tools and experience to draw from to create change with purpose for our clients.


In consideration of the clients’ needs, we use a whole suite of strategic tools to produce personalized, impact-driven solutions.

Besides the various backgrounds of our team and extensive professional expertise in the areas of HR, Strategy, Finance, and Business Planning, Realize has an extensive network in the social enterprise community to draw best practices from.

“Facilitation is not collecting information and giving it back to you filtered,” says Bertine. “It’s a step forward, a collaborative effort to help people get to where they need to go.”

We ensure that our tools are utilized to strengthen each organization through our mindful, inclusive approach.


Our approach is highly informed about what you bring to us – your goals, concerns, and questions. We listen, have a conversation, and give you some ideas to think over. We focus on building relationships with our clients, respecting your mission and needs, and valuing the conversations we have that allow us to understand how we can find the best solutions together.

Whatever your needs, our personalized approach utilizes our strategic tools to create impact-driven solutions tailored to your unique needs. Reach out today, free of obligation. We’re always happy to chat.