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The Great Northern Way Scene Shop & Arts Factory Society / Elia Kirby Productions

  • How do you create 2 business plans – one for an existing for-profit business and one for a new start-up non-profit – serving one of Vancouver’s most important creative industries in a location that is strategically important to the City of Vancouver?

    That was the challenge that Elia Kirby Productions and Vancity asked us to solve.

    Elia Kirby Productions was already an established for-profit business with a long serving the needs of Vancouver’s arts and cultural communities. In 2010, Elia Kirby Productions conceived of the idea of creating a new non-profit – The Great Northern Way Scene Shop & Arts Factory Society. EKP’s vision was a space in the South False Creek Flats area of Vancouver that could serve as an arts incubator and creator of custom scenery and fabrication for theatre, dance, opera, industrial design, trade shows and architectural projects. The vision for the new Society aligned closely with recommendations coming from the City of Vancouver’s facilities report for the arts, and its larger vision for growing Vancouver’s cultural industries.

    Our team of consultants understood the task at hand. We needed to create a business plan that would ensure the existing for-profit business would remain financially sustainable so that it could continue to serve BC’s non-profit arts community. At the same time, we needed to develop a business plan for the new Society that would make it sustainable for the long-term. Then we needed to integrate the two plans in a way that would allow the two organizations to complement and mutually benefit one another.

    We conducted an extensive analysis of the local market, worked with the EKP team to develop a vision for the two organizations and developed an integrated set of business plans. We brought our expertise in visioning and structuring new enterprises, our skills in group facilitation and strategic planning and our exceptional talent for combining our passion for non-profits with our business acumen to develop a solid plan for long-term impact and sustainability.