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BC Libraries Cooperative

  • The BC Libraries Cooperative is a community enterprise with over 100 member libraries and institutions across Canada. The Coop is strategically focused on the delivery of shared infrastructure and resources. Their mission is to help libraries help people by providing access to efficient, innovative services at reduced costs.

    We’re proud to have the Coop as one of our members. And we were excited when the Coop asked Realize to help them chart a new strategic direction and plan. Libraries play a vital role in our communities and we wanted to help contribute to their success.

    We brought our deep expertise in strategy, planning and cooperative development to the project. Working with the Executive Director and members of the Board, we developed and facilitated a two-day planning workshop. We wanted the Coop to help build upon its short but successful history as a non-profit community enterprise. We helped the Coop review and confirm its mission, vision and values. And we worked with them to develop clear, realistic and achievable strategic goals and metrics. Our team took the results of the two-day planning session and turned it into a comprehensive, forward-looking blueprint for the future.

    What sets Realize apart is our focus on helping organizations strengthen their long-term social impact and sustainability. We understand the challenges of building resilient member-based organizations in financially troubled times. Our approach- combining deep knowledge of the non-profit and co-operative sector – with a no-nonsense business mindset ensures our clients can achieve their vision for the future.