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Bard on the Beach

  • Bard on the Beach is one of Canada’s most respected theatre companies and it’s a vital part of Vancouver arts and culture scene.

    In 2012, the company was going through a major transition. The Board and senior management wanted to ensure Bard was ready for its next phase of growth. They wanted the company to continue to be sustainable and able to delight Vancouver audiences for many years to come.

    One of the major challenges facing Bard was the need to ensure its financial management systems were ready to meet the needs of a growing company. Their systems were built for a much smaller organization. It was time to take a major leap forward. They had a clear and ambitious goal – achieve excellence in financial management.

    Bard turned to Realize for help. We worked with the Board and senior management team to build and implement a plan for change.

    We redesigned Bard’s financial management systems and processes to efficient, effective and capable of providing the Board and management with the information they needed to make better decisions. We made it easier for senior managers to spend less time doing accounting and more time delivering a great summer Festival. We also helped Bard create a more inclusive approach to planning their annual budget, creating a greater sense of shared ownership and accountability.

    Realize was honoured to be a part of Bard’s success. Our hands-on, practical approach – combining deep financial experience with change management and a passion for non-profits is what set us apart.

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