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Case Studies

Every client has a unique set of needs, but in our experience, many of the same issues seem to arise again and again and require the thorough, systematic approach Realize can bring to the table.

To give you a sense of what we do, here are some of the projects we’ve completed for our clients. Some specific details have been removed so as not to disclose privileged information.

  • Quesnel Community Living Association

    Serving on a board of directors is an exciting and rewarding way to contribute to your community and to organizations that make a difference. But serving on a board is also a big responsibility – especially in today’s rapidly changing, financially troubled economy…

  • BC Libraries Cooperative

    The BC Libraries Cooperative is a community enterprise with over 100 member libraries and institutions across Canada. The Coop is strategically focused on the delivery of shared infrastructure and resources. Their mission is to help libraries help people by providing access to efficient, innovative services at reduced costs…

  • BC Association Of Farmers’ Markets

    Farmers’ markets are a great success story. They bring communities and farmers together to share the experience of fresh, locally grown food. Managing a busy provincial association is a challenging business. Members rely on associations to help them be effective and competitive in the marketplace…

  • Bard on the Beach

    One of the major challenges facing Bard was the need to ensure its financial management systems were ready to meet the needs of a growing company. Their systems were built for a much smaller organization. It was time to take a major leap forward. They had a clear and ambitious goal – achieve excellence in financial management…